Seamless event streaming to any platform


Event Streaming

Maximise your audience with multi-camera live streaming

Our team have been streaming events since 2011 and have became true experts in live streaming. Only through significant experience can you gain the experience to be able to deal with any problem that arises across a live production. Luckily, our team are experts in this having broadcast thousands of events to various platforms.

Event Filming

Filming helps to monetise and lead generate your on-demand event.

Sometimes all you need is your event filmed, recorded and edited for later distribution.

Our team can turn around your event recording on the same day – perfect for distribution to attendees and non-attendees as soon as the event finishes.

Virtual Production Management

We are experienced in virtual and hybrid event production and can add polish and ideas to your event.

Our team have produced thousands of virtual and hybrid events – we have a lot of ideas and experience to help enhance your event across any platform.

We work with you to solve problems and create the best event possible for your brand.

Why Us

How we do it

We're not just a streaming business

We solve problems.

Our team have worked on thousands of events. We find that working with you, we can achieve great things. We’ll help ensure that your online viewers get the best experience while you also meet any sponsor objectives. 

Our team are from a TV broadcasting and events backgrounds so we’re ideally placed to ensure your event works for both in person and digital audiences and to provide ideas, guidance and solutions to complex event problems. Your audience, partners and presenters are our priority.

You can expect a lot more than streaming from us – we’re here to help.

Rock solid streaming

No hassle.

We run all events with full redundancy across the entire workflow – from backup streaming machines to cameras. This means we can swap to a backup in case of a unexpected issue meaning minimal or no disruption to your event.

We also stream all events multi-camera ensuring a true TV like experience for your viewers – using either operated cameras or a suite of robotic cameras.

Full coverage across the UK

and further afield

Our team have run events across the UK and across multiple continents. Our compact kit allows us to setup in less than an hour (event depending). We also fly with our kit around the world working on a variety of events from corporate to comedy.

About Us

Who we are

Our team are live stream experts, we've been doing this for over a decade - well before it became mainstream.

Our team = your success

Our team come from a broadcasting background – working across TV productions for years before turning to live streaming for events.

This means we can deal with the pressure of events while also able to think quickly and solve problems before they spiral out of control. You’re in safe hands.


We've been trusted by some of the world's biggest brands